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China Global Trading Co., Ltd. is located in the CBD core area in Beijing. Through years of development, the company becomes a comprehensive enterprise which specializes in international trade and logistics distribution of steel tube, casing, tubing, drilling pipe, pipe fittings, steel plate, cable, metering skid, sling and other oil equipment and materials. Its customers can be found in a wide range of areas of national economy, such as petroleum, chemical engineering, electrical power, construction, machining, marine, public utility, health care, aviation industry, war industry and so on.

The trade of steel tube, casing, tubing, drilling pipe and pipe fittings, being one of the main businesses of the enterprise, has gained high reputation in the industry through years of development. Further, the enterprise has also established long term cooperation relationship with domestic large﹕cale manufacturing enterprises. With efficient and high﹒uality service, the enterprise has got involved in national petrochemical, natural gas, and other projects in many countries, and has been rated as excellent vendor for many times. The products, such as steel tube, casing, tubing, drilling pipe and pipe fittings, comply with national and industry standards of China, USA, Europe, UK and other countries. And our products have been sold to the countries and regions like Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Central Asia, Middle East, India, Europe, and US, where these products have gained good reputation among overseas customers.

China Global Trading Co., Ltd. always adheres to the management tenet of "creditability-based, quality-first, and customer-uppermost, offering professional quality services". Having resources of thousands of petrochemical industry equipment manufacturers with international qualification certification, we strive to become your loyal long-term partner by a win-win cooperation way.

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